Istanbul’s new airport is a jewel sparkling in the city of Istanbul, and a civilized reflection of Turkey’s leading role in the field of transport. The airport has been designed on the latest logistics specifications that are rarely available at other airports in the world. Passenger rest areas, cinema halls, libraries, suites and waiting rooms
At an area of ​​more than 345 hectares, Ataturk Belgrade Park extends north of Istanbul, with more than 2,000 species of rare plants and trees from around the world. The region has recently become a major foothold for Arab tourists, especially the Gulf fleeing from the extreme heat in their countries, as the forest has
The village of Chumak Dag, in the southwestern state of Mugla, is known for its traditional several-day weddings, interspersed with oil wrestling competitions, where young people flex their muscles. This inherited tradition, which the village is still attached to, dates back to about 500 years. The village has become a popular destination for local and
Between scenic landscapes, archaeological sites full of history and secrets of geography, Turkey’s tourist destinations vary, offering local and foreign tourists a bouquet of the most beautiful places in the world.A natural and geographic diversity, combined with a rich history fraught with human secrets, makes Turkey, the crossroads of civilizations between East and West, a
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