About Toursera

TOURSERA GROUP TURKEY TRAVEL & TOURISM is a group of Turkish companies specialized in all activities related to tourism and travel. Specialized in inbound tourism to Turkey, specifically the Middle East countries, including the Gulf region and North Africa.

Our Vision

We look forward to be one of the best companies in Turkey and the world and achieve leadership on the local, Middle Eastern and international levels, and provide the highest quality in the provision of services to customers to impress them and achieve their goals, and provide the best options and offers that suit their expectations, which contributes to add more success Our motto is to travel for all - we respect our customers and appreciate their minds as we offer tourism specially made for gourmet and high-level

Our mission

Toursera Group Travel & Tourism is a company that provides tourism and academic services and is strongly present in the market since 2014, we have a large base of customers from different countries of the Middle East and the Gulf, which we have been able to gain their trust by dealing with them in these years, we provide tourism services in all cities Turkey, such as electronic visa to enter Turkey, booking hotels and tourist apartments in all Turkish cities, the work of integrated tourism programs for both individuals and groups, the work of tours and day trips in all cities of Turkey, car rental services with a Turkish and Arabic or Turkish and English speaking driver, we also offer special services To curb We also offer medical tourism services in which Turkey leads the world ranking as the best country providing medical services, we also provide specialized services for athletes and football camps in Turkey, and gained through academic study of the field of tourism and travel and practical experience very much in providing these services Through our work in the past years, which allowed us to provide these services to our customers with great professionalism while ensuring the quality of service, and this was because of our insistence on keeping up with the continuous development in information technology We strive to provide tourism services with the latest technologies In addition to that, we have a team of experts with master's and doctoral degrees in the management of tourism, practical and administrative entities to ensure the quality of service provided and provide the best options that suit all tourists visiting Turkey.


The mission of TOURSERA GROUP TURKEY TRAVEL & TOURISM is to provide integrated services to the Arab tourist visiting Turkey and facilitate access to tourism services and provide professional proposals and consultations that suit the expectations of each customer according to their aspirations using the best and latest methods and methods available in the field of tourism and travel, and to improve tourism services and facilitate the task Obtaining it is our first challenge and our nominal mission, whatever the difficulties, in addition to our special touches on all options is a message that reflects our interest in what we offer, and also encourage tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature at the best possible cost is Aim and purpose for us to have as many tourists as possible to enjoy their rights to travel and enjoy the most beautiful countries of the world, we encourage natural tourism and direct our customers to respect the environment and nature, which benefits the society as a whole


Toursera Group Turkey is always committed to integrity and ethics in dealing with customers to form good relations with them and gain their trust by providing the best and the best tourist services and multiple options for them to achieve their full satisfaction with the work and services during and after the sale. We have a culture of teamwork, cooperation, freedom of work, appreciation of achievements, learning and growth and taking responsibility towards the client and the community.


Toursera Group has placed Turkey in a special place in the list of the best travel and tourism companies in Turkey
To provide tourism services that rise to the expectations of our customers and search and we are always looking for the best and the latest and the best price
To always be the first choice traveler in the tourism services in Turkey confident in what we offer has been tried
To keep abreast of recent developments and trends in the field of tourism and travel in Turkey and the whole world to provide services in line with the expectations of our valued customers.
To discover and excavate the shrines of modern and not highlighted to satisfy the tastes of tourists looking for renewal and exploration
Achieve complete satisfaction of our customers and ensure that the level of service provided to the highest level
Attention to the quality of the content that we provide to the tourist through a team selected and selected very carefully to carry out this task
Keep up with technology in all our booking and payment processes through the development of programs and applications that facilitate booking and payment
Develop the skills of our team through continuous training and keep abreast of the latest trends in the field of tourism and travel
Expansion of the company's activities to include medical tourism and real estate consultancy as well as educational services for the field of tourism and travel

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