Wrestling “wedding” .. Turkish heritage dazzles tourists

The village of Chumak Dag, in the southwestern state of Mugla, is known for its traditional several-day weddings, interspersed with oil wrestling competitions, where young people flex their muscles.

This inherited tradition, which the village is still attached to, dates back to about 500 years.

The village has become a popular destination for local and foreign tourists, wishing to follow weddings and traditional wrestling competitions.

Women and girls are keen to wear their traditional clothes during the days of the ceremony.

Speaking to Anatolia, Hasan Yildirim, president of the Jumak Dag Association for Culture and Tourism, said weddings usually last four days in the village.

He explained that the ritual begins to raise a flag on the groom’s house, and continue on the second day of wrestling competitions that are organized at night.

He pointed out that the competitions involve wrestlers of all age groups and different regions.

He pointed out that the people of the groom take care of the expenses of organizing wrestling competitions, which continue until the morning hours, amid the atmosphere of joy and joy.

Yildirim confirmed that weddings in the village are of great interest to local and foreign tourists, as well as guests.

Oil wrestling is a popular event in Turkey, where wrestlers paint their bodies with olive oil during competitions.

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