Free private assistance service at the new Istanbul airport

Istanbul’s new airport is a jewel sparkling in the city of Istanbul, and a civilized reflection of Turkey’s leading role in the field of transport. The airport has been designed on the latest logistics specifications that are rarely available at other airports in the world.

Passenger rest areas, cinema halls, libraries, suites and waiting rooms make the waiting experience at Istanbul’s new airport match the pleasure of luxury five star hotels.

Among the services provided is the special assistance service for the elderly, children and the sick, accompanying and assisting them free of charge.

Free Special Assistance at Istanbul New Airport:

It is called in Turkish “ÖZEL HİZMET NOKTASI”

This service is offered free of charge to:

Young children who travel alone and cannot handle airports.
The patients.

This service allows them to wait in places designated for them until the completion of the accompanying employee to complete the procedures and papers for travel and the weight of bags and luggage, as well as the provision of electric wheelchair if necessary.

How to get to the special assistance service at Istanbul’s new airport?

If you are coming to the airport by private car, you can stop in front of entrance 3 in the departure hall.

If you are coming by bus, you can stop in front of any entrance and look for Boarding G, where the service area is located.

2- After arriving at Boarding G you will hand over the passport of the traveling person only and ask for special assistance service and its meaning in Turkish “ÖZEL HİZMET NOKTASI”, and then wait in the designated places and seats,

Note: You have the right to present your passport to your father, mother or children only.

  1. After a short period of time, a person will announce the name of the passport holder.

This person is an official who is responsible for completing the procedures for the traveler while waiting, and you will find that he has made a reservation, and the work of boarding, and sending bags to weight,

The passenger will have to wait for the passport to be stamped and then to the door of the plane,

Electric wheelchair service is also available if necessary,

This service will save passengers the trouble of standing in long queues through a quick private entrance

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