Diamond Package ✈ To Turkey 🇹🇷
with Toursera

Turkey Honeymoon Program 10 Days 9 Nights Includes:

✅ 2 Night Istanbul Sultan Ahmed
✅ 2 Night Bursa
✅2 Night Sapanca
✅ 3 Night Istanbul Sisli or Taksim


✅ First Day ✈

(Reception and Evening Bosphorus): With all love we welcome you to your airport in Istanbul by private car and one of our Arabic-speaking drivers or our delegates to pick you up to your hotel and help you transfer your bags and check on your accommodation and in the evening a dinner on the Bosphorus for two people.

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✅ second day ✈

(Princess Islands Trip): After having breakfast at the hotel, you will be guided by the tour guide to the Princess Islands. (Optional), then assembly to ride the steamer to return again.

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✅ third day ✈

(Day to travel to Bursa): The day of processing bags and moving to the cities of the Sea of Marmara, specifically the city of Bursa, and on this day after eating breakfast you check out from the hotel and drive by land and sea (ship) distance of approximately two and a half hours to reach your hotel in Bursa by ship From the port of Eski Hesar on the Asian side, after your arrival safely by the order of the hotel is delivered rooms and accommodation in the hotel. And then after a little rest you go out to dinner in one of the restaurants overlooking the city and then return to the hotel for overnight and rest.

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✅ Fourth day ✈

(Bursa Tour Full Day): A new day will start by visiting the city of Bursa and its surrounding areas and enjoy all its tourist attractions and you are free to change the days of visits as you wish today dedicated to visit the city of Bursa and on the basis of the diamond package Some detailed reports about these places and the factory Alhalkom historical village and honey bees and (Green Mosque silk market in addition to visit Bursa Falls and the historic village and shops selling Turkish olives and silk market and then return to the hotel for overnight and rest.

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✅ fifth day ✈

(Travel from Bursa to Spanga): A new day starts after breakfast. Check out from Bursa Hotel and head to Sapanca and receive your room directly at the hotel overlooking the lake. You can also optionally spend the day visiting some of Sapanca, Ma'soukiyeh and Kartepe landmarks. The hotel is where you can visit the Jass Sou resort.

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✅ sixth day ✈

(Full day to visit the surrounding villages of Sapanca): Visit some of Izmit and Yuvajic Dam landmarks, visit the magnificent Izmit Corniche and dine at one of its restaurants or Yalova town for half a day in addition to those places and then return to the hotel for overnight and rest and prepare to return to Istanbul the next day.

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✅ seventh day ✈

(Return to Istanbul): A new day begins after breakfast, where you check out and go to the Turkish city of Yalova for half a day and then go to the hotel for a little rest .. On this day you can visit the hot baths of Yalova and Corniche Yalova and then return to Istanbul directly through steaming and soothing in Hotel either in the area of شişli or the division and then receive the rooms and leave you for overnight and rest and you can on this day stroll yourself and take an evening tour on Istiklal Street.

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✅ eighth day ✈

(Golden Horn Bay Tour): Then go to visit the mosque of the companion Abu Ayyub Ansari and you can ride the cable car and climb to the hill of Pierrelotti for tea on the scenery of the Golden Horn Bay magnificent .. After the end of the day you can have lunch and then visit the garden of Amross Cruso and also visit the Ulus Park Cafe and neighborhood Ortakoy is famous and at the end of the day return to the hotel for overnight and rest.

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✅ ninth day ✈

Free day

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✅ Tenth day ✈

(Airport Transfer): A new day starts after breakfast and check-out at Istanbul Hotel where the company car passes you and prepare to travel internationally and then go to the airport to travel internationally, to your beloved country accompanied by our sincere calls that our services have received your satisfaction and satisfaction.

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